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The energy used per year by Swedish industry is about 150 TWh, of which 55 TWh is electricity, 49 TWh is biofuels and 22 TWh oil products. Changes in energy prices and the introduction of taxes and policy instruments such as electricity certificates and emission rights will place increasing demands on the efficiency of industrial processes. They will also mean the use of other energy resources, and the use of surplus industrial heat and energy.

The energy use in industrial processes is being studied at the following departments:
• Energy Sciences – projects in heat- and power-generation processes and fuel gas engineering,
• Chemical Engineering – projects on the energy use of the pulp and paper industry, the efficiency of drying processes, and the use of membrane processes for energy-efficient separation of various components,
• Automatic Control and Industrial Electrical Engineering & Automation  – studies on the control and automation of various processes in the pulp and paper industry and in wastewater treatment,
• Environmental & Energy Systems Studies – analysis of policy instruments and their effects, etc.


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