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Sweden is an international leader in energy recovery from the ground and bedrock.

Geoenergy includes the following areas.
• Prospecting methods for geoenergy sources
• Boring techniques and well construction
• Reservoir and energy assessment
• Thermal conditions and the properties of earth and rock
• Energy recovery from great depths and from surface formations
• Energy storage in geological formations
• Storage of greenhouse gases in deep geological formations
Researchers in Engineering Geology are working in areas such as geoenergy, geothermal energy, prospecting and the recovery of energy. This includes techniques for the recovery of energy from small bore holes only 150 metres deep, to large-scale systems entailing bore holes down to depths of several thousand metres.
Mathematical models and simulations of heat transfer in the ground for the recovery of both heat and cold, and for the storage of energy, are being developed at the Division of Mathematical Physics.
At the Division of Building Physics, research is being carried out on systems employing a combination of geothermal heat and solar heat.


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