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About 90% of the world’s energy originates from combustion processes, and combustion will continue to dominate our energy supply for many decades to come. As combustion is responsible for a considerable proportion of our air pollution, and affects the atmosphere by the release of greenhouse gases, it is important that research be directed towards more fuel-efficient processes that also lead to lower emissions.
Combustion processes is one of LTH’s outstanding areas of research, coordinated by the Combustion Centre in Lund, in which the Department of Energy Sciences and the divisions of Combustion Physics and Fire Safety Engineering participate. At the Department of Energy Sciences, basic research is carried out in fluid mechanics and heat transfer during combustion, as well as applied research in combustion engines and gas turbines. The Division of Combustion Physics is conducting research into laser-based measurement techniques and chemical kinetics for applications in combustion. Research at the Division of Fire Safety Engineering includes topics such as the spread of fire, fire extinguishing, and risk and safety analysis in the case of fire.


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