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LU Biofuels

Our Aims

(i) To drive forwards sustainable solutions for the production of biofuels and bio-products from renewable bio-resources, predominately through biological conversion technologies.

(ii) To establish Lund University as world-leading in the development and implementation of well-to-wheel systems by ensuring the provision of fundamental and applied know-how, process inputs, and human resources.

(iii) To thereby support Swedish and European industries to become cost competitive and sustainable on the global market.

Research challenges of historic dimensions will accompany the transition from petro-chemically based fuels, materials and chemicals to a sustainable production based on renewable resources.

LU Biofuels builds on the long-standing strength of Lund University in this area to make a dedicated, progressive, and major research effort focusing on biological conversion methods for biomass. LU Biofuels is a part of the Energy Portal at Lund University.

LU Biofuels is a multi-disciplinary research platform that brings together researchers from across faculties, departments and centres at Lund University (see below). The network has strong relationships with multi-sectoral practitioners in industry, government and the community.

The biological biomass conversion research area is highly multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral, comprising scientific challenges across life sciences, engineering, chemistry, and social sciences. LU Biofuels is active across this entire research area (see below).

For information about LU Biofuels contact Gunnar Lidén ( or Henrik Stalbrand (

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Our Projects

Bioenergy NoE
A European project to contribute to competitive bioenergy markets in Europe.

A European project on the biorefionery concept in Europe.

Crops 4 Biogas
A project on vehicle fuel production from energy crops.

Green Chem
A project to develop clean, sustainable technology that effects the production of green chemical products from renewable feedstocks.

A European project to develop a blue-print for decentral hydrogen production process using local biomass.

LETS 2050
A project on transitions towards Low-Carbon Energy and Transport Systems for 2050.

A European project on the cost effective production of clean bioethanol from lignocellulosic biomass for use as transport fuel.

A European project on lignocellulosic ethanol.