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Business Developments

Research and development within the field of energy at LTH/LU often born ideas that can be turned commercial and lead to new products, services and business establishments. Lund university has an established structure to capture ideas and assist researchers to commercialize those.

LU Innovation

Lund university’s own TTO ( Technology Transfer Office) helps in innovation- and entrepreneurial questions. If you have questions regarding an idea and how to move forward with it, LU innovation gives the first advices and can thereafter lead you further in the innovation system through our collaboration network.

Call us The Innovation Line 046-222 11 11 that always has coverage.

Visiting address: Byrålogen, Paradisgatan 5C, Lund  

LU Innovation

Besides LU Innovation there are several other collaborating organizations that in different ways support innovation and entrepreneurship. Amongst those are:



Connect Skåne

Venture Cup Syd

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