European Convention of Engineering Deans

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About SEFI

Founded in 1973, the European Society for Engineering Society (SEFI - Société Européenne pour la Formation des Ingénieurs) - is an independant non-profit organisation linking the institutions of higher engineering education and forming an international scientific society for promoting the interests of engineering education cross national borders, at political and at a society levels facilitating the exchange of experiences and the identification of problems and solutions in relation to engineering education.

SEFI plays the role of main advisor within Europe in the area of engineering education. It also plays a major role in the establishment of communication and dialogue between education, research and industry. This role  may  be  particularly  relevant  in  terms  of  innovation  and  research  in  todays  globalized economy.

Through its 410 members (higher engineering education institutions, academic staff, student organisations, related associations and companies) in 48 countries, SEFI connects over 1 million students and 158500 academic staff members.

As the largest network of higher engineering education in Europe, SEFI  maintains active collaboration with partners all over the globe - European Commission, UNESCO, Council of Europe, OECD, Global Engineering Deans Council (GEDC), European University Association (EUA), CESAER, FEANI ...-, signed MoUs with the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), the Internationale Gezellschaft für Ingenieurausbildung (IGIP), the  Latin American and Caribbean Consortium of Engineeringg Education (LACCEI), the Associacion Iberoamericana de Instituciones de Ensenanza de la Ingenieria (ASIBEI),  the Japanese Society for Engineering Education (JSEE) - and is founding member of major organisations and networks such as ENAEEIFEES, IACEEE, IIDEA and of the European Engineering Deans Council, EEDC, based at SEFI in Brussels. 


To reach its objectives, SEFI implements diverse activities such as annual conferences, debates,  hoc seminars/workshops organised by its thematic working groups and committees, organises  conventions and workshops for engineering deans, publishes a series of scientific publications (European Journal of Engineering Education) and Position Papers (on Accreditation, on Bologna Process, on the creation of EIT, on the Doctorates in Engineering ...) , and  is involved in several major European projects. All these activities implemented for the benefit of its members are undertaken in respect of its values: creativity and professionalism, engagement and responsibility, respect of diversity and different cultures, institutional inclusiveness, multidisciplinary and openness, transparency and sustainability.

For further information, please contact the SEFI aisbl in Brussels,, Tel. + 32 2 5023609,


SEFI regularly publishes ad hoc reference documents relating to specific aspects of the education of the engineer.
The SEFI Mission Statement contains a reflection on the priorities of the Society for the years to come and a list of actions to be done.
The Position Papers on the Accreditation of Engineering Education and on the Bologna Declaration, regularly updated, exposed our views relating to these very important topics.
SEFI participated in the European Commission consultation meetings organised in the framework of the creation of a European Institute of Technology, and in this context, a SEFI Position Paper was produced.

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