European Convention of Engineering Deans

Engineering for a Connected World

  • In the connected world, we share research facilities! How do we connect?
  • In the connected world, the education of engineers will be different. How?
  • In the connected world, new abilities are required for the teachers. Which?
  • In the connected world, industry and university share common goals. How?

These and other questions will be addressed in Lund in April 2014. We welcome you to Lund University, which sometimes is described as "the connected university", as cross-linking research and education are part of our strategy.

In Lund right now, three large research facilities are being established in close connection to the university: the European Spallation Source (ESS), the synchrotron MAX IV and the cancer research hub Medicon Village.

ESS engages 17 European partner countries, and the joint investment is 2 billion Euros. It will be by far the most versatile neutron source for materials research. The MAX IV source will be the most brilliant synchrotron light source in the World. It will be inaugurated in June 2016, but already now you can see the main constructions.

We can offer you a spectacular walk in the large synchotron ring at MAX IV! We can offer you a walk in the future!

We welcome you to Lund:

  • To see the future
  • To connect with colleagues
  • To discuss the challenges fo engineering education
  • To learn how your university can connect to ESS and MAX IV
  • To experience a lovely town in one of Europe's most dynamic regions
  • To visit the town of Wallander - an option if you wish to extend your visit!

Most welcome to Lund!

Anders Axelsson


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