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CS MSc Zoom Presentation 28 April 2020!


From: 2020-04-28 13:00 to: 14:00
Contact: birger [dot] swahn [at] cs [dot] lth [dot] se
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One Computer Science MSc thesis to be presented on 28 April 2020 via Zoom

Tuesday, 28 April there will be a master thesis presentation in Computer Science at Lund University, Faculty of Engineering.

The presentation will take place via Zoom at:

Note to potential opponents: Register as an opponent to the presentation of your choice by sending an email to the examiner for that presentation (firstname [dot] lastname [at] cs [dot] lth [dot] se). Do not forget to specify the presentation you register for! Note that the number of opponents may be limited (often to two), so you might be forced to choose another presentation if you register too late. Registrations are individual, just as the oppositions are! More instructions are found on this page.


Presenter: Hugo Jernberg
Title: Building a Framework for Chaos Engineering
Examiner: Emelie Engström
Supervisor: Per Runeson (LTH), Michael Adis (ICA Gruppen AB)

Verifying a software system's ability to withstand turbulent conditions in its production environment can be a complex task, but it is nonetheless of uttermost importance to modern companies, who can suffer from huge losses if their systems are not resilient enough to endure such inevitable turbulence. This thesis proposes a framework for how to work with Chaos Engineering, a discipline aiming to evaluate and subsequently improve the resilience of a software system by using an experimental approach where the system under test is intentionally exposed to various types of problematic conditions to investigate how they are handled by the system. The proposed framework consists of four activities building on eight support documents, which collectively, with the help of a total of twelve open source Chaos Engineering tools, aim to define and implement a continuous and extensible Chaos Engineering practice for a software system. The framework was designed to suit the applications developed at ICA Gruppen AB and it was evaluated by applying parts of it to the software system which constitutes the website, including the e-shop which is accessible from the website. The applied parts were concluded to be feasible and they successfully discovered a set of initial improvement opportunities for the system's resilience, as well as a suitable Chaos Engineering practice for future resilience testing of the system.