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Information on giving online exams remotely is to be found on CEE:s Open Teaching-page


To be able to temporarily move your teaching online without losing too much learning quality, you should use a learning platform. If you already are using a certain learning platform, keep using it. But if not, LTH recommends moving your course to Canvas. Canvas is the official Lund University learning platform; most students already use it and there is ample LU technical support to help you as a teacher. In addition to that, LTH through CEE/Genombrottet is also providing pedagogical support for teachers at LTH.

The Canvas learning platform provides opportunities for varied teaching and learning methods. It helps you post information and media in a structured way to the whole class, groups, or individual students. It let students to upload text and other media to class, groups, or you. It allows students to discuss and work in groups. It helps you producing online material. And much more.

The LU Canvas group has produced a combined crash course and support function to go online in Canvas:

Follow the link and join the course to get access to the support functions like discussions, best practices and online support. The discussions in the Swedish and English version are separated with the drawback that there are more threads available in the Swedish version. If you prefer English, simply join both of them and hopefully you can get something from the Swedish version as well. The CEE/Genombrottet staff will be present in the LU support function.

In the right-hand panel of this page, you can find links to more resources. We especially recommend you look at the CEEs Open Teaching page. Among other things you will find a good Canvas template to start with. 

You can also book an online meeting with a member of CEE/Genombrottet to receive more personal pedagogical support.

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