Pre-University Course

Pre-University Course in Technical Sciences

The Pre-University Course in Technical Sciences (Swe. Teknisk basår) is a one-year pre-education program conducted at Campus Helsingborg.

The purpose of the education is to broaden the competence of students who have left upper secondary school without the special eligibility requirements for studies in engineering and science. The student is also well prepared for university level engineering by conducting their studies in an environment, and in a way, that corresponds to higher education.

The program is aimed at increasing and broadening the recruitment base for the engineering programs at LTH. 

The Pre-University Course contains some parts that correspond entirely to courses in upper secondary schools and other parts that introduce higher education. The former includes 55 credits, and the latter 5 credits

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Universitetsplatsen 2,            252 25 Helsingborg, Sweden


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Box 882, SE-251 08            Helsingborg, Sweden

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