Doctoral Education Support

About CEE's support for doctoral education

One part of CEE's specific mission refers to conducting training, with a special emphasis on the degree outcomes not included in the dissertation work, for all doctoral education disciplines at LTH, as well as education and training for docent candidates, and assessments in support of doctoral education.

CEE is involved in aspects of doctoral education across the faculty that are complimentary to the core academic activities of individuals, research groups and departments. These involve:

  • generic skill training of doctoral competencies;
  • doctoral supervisor training;
  • a role as faculty study director in the LTH Doctoral Education Board and
  • on-demand activities for all legitimate stakeholders (thematic seminars, carrying out student and supervisor assessments, etc).  

CEE aims to provide a balance between doctoral student research output and development of doctoral skills (integrated doctorateness, Trafford and Leshem 2011).

The doctoral education development philosophy at the CEE is inspired by that of Genombrottet. The overarching strategy is thus to be relevant and available to all involved stakeholders and to mediate a wider perspective on the development of doctoral education beyond producing theses and doctoral diplomas. On a more operative level, the doctoral education activities at the CEE strive to produce and communicate local knowledge related to doctoral education, through course participant and CEE-initiated investigations and reports/documents relevant to doctoral education at LTH.


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