Pedagogical courses

Pedagogical courses

ADU is responsible for the qualifying programme in teaching and learning in higher education (BHU) at the Faculty of Engineering, LTH.

In the pedagogical courses, the course participants (university teachers) reflect upon their own teaching experience and work on self-chosen projects directly related to their practice. These projects are reported in a scholarly way, incorporating the use of educational literature and peer review by colleagues within the same course or within the faculty where the teacher is active. The purpose of these courses has been to promote scholarly conversations about teaching and learning that focus on the teachers’ own pedagogical experience.

In that spirit the development projects made by teachers in our educational courses are made available for all course participants.

Pedagogical project reports from our courses



Courses in English

General courses in teaching and learning
Last application
Course begins
Introduction to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
(3 weeks)
March 16 2020
Aug 30 2020
May 4 2020
Sept 28 2020
Developing and leading courses at LTH (3 weeks)
Feb 3 2020
Feb 25 2020
Teaching, Learning and Supervision in Higher Education for Adjunct Professors (1 week)
Nov 3 2019
Nov 13 2019
Subject-specific courses in teaching and learning
Readership Course (3 weeks)***
Aug 10 2020
Aug 24 2020
Communicating Science (3 weeks/1 week)**
Aug 10 2020
Sept 1 2020
The Good Lecture (2 or 3 weeks)
Sept 20 2020
Oct 5 2020
Video in education and research communication (3 weeks)
Jan 14 2020
Jan 28 2020
Specialisation courses in teaching and learning
Workshop - how to write a teaching portfolio (1 week)
Oct 20 2020
Nov 5 2020
*) This is the same course as "Högskolepedagogisk introduktionskurs" but in English.
**) The Academic Development Unit administers the course on behalf of LTH. The course is 3 weeks of which 1 week is BHU.
***) The Academic Development Unit administers the course on behalf of LTH.

Information about the courses

  • General information (such as application procedure) contact Lisbeth Tempte, 046-222 31 22, 
  • For course specific questions, contact the course leader (see the course website)
  • For the selection criteria, see the course website

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