Doctoral conferment ceremony 24 May

The doctoral conferment ceremony is the major academic event of the year at Lund University. This Ceremony has been held since the late 1600s, taking place at the end of May/early June each year. In this event, the university’s eight faculties come together to bestow the highest honour for those who have completed a doctoral degree.

– Publicerad den 23 maj 2019

The doctoral conferment ceremony is the major annual ceremony and academic celebration where the University faculties award and honour those who have completed their doctorates, as well as appointed honourary doctorates. Three honourary doctors for LTH are appointed at Lund University on this day; Professor José van Dijck, on recommendations from LTH for her work on bridging the gap between social sciences and technology. Professor Tord Kjellström for his engagement in environmental studies and global health, and Dr. Arne Staby for his internationally renowned work within biomedicine and biotechnology. 

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The new doctors are honoured with symbols of the doctoral dignity: diploma, ring, hat or laurel wreath – which are the traditional insignia of the doctorate. As part of the doctoral conferment ceremony at Lund University, Wendes Artillery Regiment assists the University in saluting the jubilee doctors with two cannon shots, the honorary doctors with one shot and the new doctors at each faculty with three shots.

LTH wish to congratulate the following researches for completing their doctoral degree and for having defended their thesis at LTH:

Laura Abariute

Mathias Adamsson

Vedad Alic

Henrik Almqvist

Ivette Arroyo Baquero

Alexander Bondarik

Lisa Brange

Eoin Byrne

Bekmurat Dalelkhan

Tim De Ceunynck

Gabriel Domingues Olavarria

Anna Fornell (absens)

Therese Forsberg

Bobbie Frank

Niko Gentile

Caroline Hallin

Jakob Helander

Mikael Henriksson

Muna Ibrahim

Kishore Kumar Jagadeesan (absens)

Vishal Jain (absens)

Jonas Jakobsson

Sara Johansson

Håkan Jonsson

Martin Karlsson

Maryam Khalilian

Ola Kilsgård

Anders Klasson

Nhut Lam

Kajsa Larsson

Ted Lind

Gustav Lindberg

David Lindelöw

Carlos Martínez Ávila

Daniel Moell

Katrin Molina-Besch

Kenan Muric (absens)

Peter Månsson

Jonas Niklewski

Malin Nilsson

Gustav Nilsson (absens)

Nilla Olsson

Per-Ivar Olsson

Rasmus Perby Henningsson

Roxana Quiroga Flores

Jean Ryan

Daniel Salas Veizaga

Regina Schmitt

Johan Simonsson (absens)

Kristoffer Sjöholm

Sardar Muhammad Sulaman

Artis Svilans

Johanna Sörensen

Gabriel Turesson

William Tärneberg

Anke Urbansky

Damiano Verardo

Hampus Wikmark

Christina Windmark

Chunlin Yu

Xulu Zeng

Simayijiang Zhayida

Jianfeng Zhou

Jesper Öqvist