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Ideas for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Ideas for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education is an elective course of the qualifying programme in teaching and learning in higher education at LTH. The course provides an overview of teaching and learning in higher education and is intended for lecturers with some years of teaching experience and lecturers who are or have acted as course directors.

Course instruction
The main part of the course consists of a project where the participants together develop a course or immerse themselves in an educational issue that is relevant to their practice as teachers. The project is reported in writing and should relate to relevant educational research and are also made available to all teachers at LTH.

The course also consists of seminars about theories of student learning, discussion of teaching design, practical teaching, examination and evaluation of teaching. Course content is also related to formal regulations on teaching and approaches to these.

For a Pass on the course, the participant must have attended at least 80 % of the scheduled activities and participated in the initial away days. In addition, the participant must also have completed and passed the project work.

To be admitted to the course, participants must normally have a first-cycle degree.

The course corresponds to 3 weeks of full-time work.

Course leaders


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(Application closes 2018-02-09)

NOTE! The 2018 course will be held in English!

Schedule Spring 2018

The course is scheduled:

27 Feb 13:15-15:30
7 March 8:30-16:00 
8 March 8:30-15:00 
20 March 13:15-16:00
26 March 13:15-16:00
4 April 13:15-16:00
17 April 13:15-16:00
3 May 13:15-16:00
8 May 13:15-16:00
22 May 8:30-12:30

Venue will be announced later.

Course Project


Information is given by the course leaders (see below)