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LTH-guide for your smartphone

A new term begins at LTH. A lot happens in the first few weeks: academic introduction, team-building activities, lectures and, not least, learning to find one’s way around Lund and student life.

To make the new student's life easier, LTH has launched a free iPhone and Android application - ”LTH Now”. It is designed to help you find your way around Lund and the LTH campus, to display your current schedule, and provide a map to guide you to your lecture halls. The application is the first one of its kind at Swedish colleges and universities. With the information literally at your fingertips you, as a new student, will find it easier to familiarize yourself with everything Lund has to offer, be it studies, entertainment, culture, or simply a cup of coffee.

First-time users of the LTH Now select their programme and receive the schedule for their courses. For each lecture you can see a picture of the building where the lecture hall is situated, its position on a map, and your own GPS coordinates in relation to the lecture hall.

Similarly you can find the closest place for a cup of coffee, or a choice of nearby lunch restaurants. Information about the Student Union and the ”Nations” (social fraternities) is also available, as are presentations of a number of useful places in Lund not directly related to student life.

The app is primarily designed to help students, but it also has a ”visitor” setting, for anyone needing to navigate around the campus, find a hotel, taxi or just find the nearest place for refreshments.

LTH Now is available in Swedish as well as English. If your phone’s settings are in Swedish you get LTH Now in Swedish, if the phone is set in other languages you get the English version of LTH Now.

Download LTH Now for iPhone

Download LTH Now for Android