Morning coffee and popular science lectures by the Honorary Doctors at LTH 2019

All staff and LTH friends are welcome to public lectures by the three new LTH Honorary Doctors appointed 2019: Prof José van Dijck, Prof Tord Kjellström och Dr Arne Staby. We will hear about digital platforms in Europe, the effect of climate changes upon those who work under heat stress, and the "conservative" biopharmaceutical industry.

– Publicerad den 14 maj 2019

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DATE: May 23, 2019

TIME: 08.30-11.00

PLACE: MA1 in the Annex (former Mathematics Annex)


On the 24th May, at the Doctor Degree Confermat Ceremony, Prof. José van Dijck, Prof. Tord Kjellström och Dr. Arne Staby will be awarded Honorary Doctorates at LTH. Dean Viktor Öwall declares that they are awarded for being active in research areas which will contribute to solve many challenges in society, and welcomes staff and public to three lectures by the Honorary Doctors:


“Chemical engineering in the biopharmaceutical industry – Challenges and experiences” 

Arne Staby, PhD and Scientific VP at CMC Project Planning & Management at Novo Nordisk, Denmark 

Dr Arne Staby will discuss why the biopharmaceutical industry cannot just make the obvious optimisations and changes. As a central figure in the international research community, working with global pharmaceutical companies for increased safety and availability of biological drugs, he will tell case stories and give a quick insight into an industry that at the same time is extremely innovative and extremely conservative.


 “The digital platform society: A European perspective” 

José van Dijck, Distinguished University Professor at Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Over the past fifteen years, two platform ecosystems have come to dominate the online world: the American and the Chinese. Both ecosystems are controlled by a handful of tech companies. Squeezed between these two systems is Europe, which countries have traditionally promoted public values and public space. According to professor José van Dijck, appointed for her outstanding contributions in the borderland between technology and social sciences, the virtual absence of big infrastructural platforms in Europe raises poignant questions about the future of digital societies. Who is or should be responsible and accountable for anchoring public values in digitized and dataficed societies?


“Reducing climate change related heat stress at work – The need to combine health and engineering science for global protection”

Tord Kjellström, professor and currently consultant on Environmental and Occupational Health with a focus on global climate change effects, New Zealand

Professor Tord Kjellström is appointed honorary doctor for prominent research and dedicated knowledge dissemination in areas related to climate, environment and global health. His ongoing research concerns climate change from a public health and socio-economic perspective, through studies of how working conditions, health risks and productivity are affected by increased heat exposure.


The lectures will be held in English. They are open to the public but registration is necessary for each lecture.

Registration for the lecture by Arne Staby. Starts at 8.30.


Registration for the lecture by José van Dijck. Starts at 9.30.


Registration for the lecture by Tord Kjellström, Starts at 10.30.

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